Access Control System

This control form gives protection to your personal computer. In addition to your personal computer, the physical control can also be used to secure a stream of computers. By virtue of this form of control, another computer is set up to give command to other computers to perform specific task.

This means that the controlling computer assumes the role of administrator and other computers connected to it must wait for it to assign them tasks. They only begin work after they have been assigned the specific obligations. Therefore, alarms, locks and lighting are examples of physical control systems.
Logical Control

You can use this logical control to deny access by unauthorized third party. Of course, the control is used to lock available resources. Logical control or technical control is also used to network computers and assign them codes. Once this is done, it will be difficult for external computers to share or assess files on the network. Be that as it may, routers, firewalls and smart cards are some of the examples of logical control systems.

Administrative Control

Because of the skills involved in using this control system, it is handled by a highly skilled management personnel. They are used for top management function in the areas of job rotations, staffing and investigations within the organization.


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